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Case Study

Unlocking Value in Real Estate: The Power of Value-Add Buildings

This case study illustrates the lucrative opportunities that value-add buildings present for real estate investors. When looking to acquire a Value-add property, Equiton looks for older buildings in good locations that can be purchased below market value with opportunities to extract value and increase revenue.

Wellington Place – A Prime Value-Add Property in Hamilton, Ontario

For these reasons, Wellington Place was the perfect building to add to our portfolio. Wellington Place, the largest property in our portfolio, is a 1970’s multi-residential building with 364 units located in Hamilton, Ontario. Through our market research and due diligence process we discovered that it’s located in an up-and-coming neighborhood, minutes from transit, the downtown core, the First Ontario Centre, close to hospitals and a short commute to McMaster University. There are also many new development opportunities popping up in this urban area.

We purchased this property off market and 10% below market value for $54.3M in March 2021. During our walkthrough we noticed it needed repairs, renovations, and many updates – but we saw what others didn’t: the potential for dramatic increases in revenue and value!

Let’s explore how we increased the value of this property!

Maximizing Returns: Adding Value to Wellington Place

We unlocked the hidden value of the building by discovering and optimizing underutilized spaces. We renovated an area on the first floor to create a new rental suite and transformed another space into a new commercial unit. Together these reclaimed spaces bring in approximately $4,000/month in rent, adding an estimated $1 M in value to the property.

The rent of one unrenovated suite at Wellington Place was $1,416, after our renovations and improvements we could rent that same suite for $1,925 an increase of 36%.

Increasing Revenue and Value: A Success Story in Real Estate Investment

Equiton initially invested $16M into Wellington Place plus an additional $5.5M in capital expenditure and major improvements in the first 2 years of our 5-year plan. Improvements included a new roof, new windows, upgraded balconies, a new heating system, retrofitted lighting for environmental efficiency and the list goes on! After these improvements Wellington Place was appraised for $84.3M – that’s an increase of $30M from the purchase price and an incredible return on investment of 139% in 2 years!  This is the power of a value-add building.

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